Our Story

Christmas Time December 2005

My wife Crystal and I met and with divine intervention. We fell in LOVE almost immediately and I asked her within the first week or so of knowing her. So...when are we going to get married? Her face lit up with beaming excitement and we couldn't leave each others sight!

Valentines Day 2006

We had already gone ring shopping but after Valentines dinner I got on one knee and nervously made it OFFICIAL. I asked her if should would spend forever with me? If anyone knows Crystal her excitement was over the moon!

April 6th 2006

This is a super special date as in our upbringing it is believed to be Jesus's actual birthday. Needless to say, we threw your traditional wedding out the window and nearly eloped on the beautiful main island of Hawaii with just a few very close family members.

March 2006

Ok, let's backtrack slightly. Crystal is a hairdresser by trade and she gave me my first haircut that I EVER EVER liked. No seriously crazy right I was 26 years old and it was AMAZING. I told her the world needs to know you and so off I went with my Tech background and built her a website ( and started to promote her on the most popular social media site at the time MYSPACE. Yes, taking you back to the good old days of the internet. I got a piece of software and started sending out friend requests to her profile page by well the thousands lol. We showcased her work and before you knew it she was slam jammin busier than you could possibly imagine.

December 2010

If you remember this was at the heart of financial crash and we did the unthinkable as you will SEE is a pattern. We opened Hottie Hair Salon.

January 2013 

Hair extensions over the past couple years had started to become real popular. However, none of the local suppliers were getting us good hair and it turned into a nightmare. Having a problem solver mindset I decided to venture out and figure out how to manufacture quality hair. I soon learned why it was so difficult and started running into the same problems. However, with some persistence we were able to start sourcing the highest qualities and best hair in the world. This took several years of refining our supply chain. Needless to say we began selling hair extensions like crazy in every form and fashion.

March 17th 2020

Due to the coronavirus the governor of Nevada announced the shut down all non-essential businesses. That includes our now two locations.

One of my main suppliers messaged: How is your hair business?

This sent me into a tailspin frenzy. I started messaging everyone in my contact list that we need to demand our jobs backs.

March 20th 2020

My supplier messaged me: Maybe you should start to sell mask? I thought why do I want to be in the mask business? I sell HAIR lol!

March 21st-23rd 2020

I start to see on social media people requesting information on how to make homemade masks. We then also see on our community group an Elderly lady asking if anyone in the neighborhood has a mask she could have because she has a compromised immune system and was so scared to leave the house. Well it just so happens that I had about 15 in my garage that I purchased years ago just in case. So we dropped one off the next morning to her. We got another request that morning for a similar situation and so we dropped them off one too.

Needless to say this sent me into another tailspin frenzy as I could hardly bare the thought that all these Elderly were scared. I thought they really deserved to feel LOVED and SAFE right now.

I ordered A LOT OF MASKS right away. I did what any sane person would. I started blasting my entire contact list that we have to do something to help our Elderly. I told them my supplier could get me as many masks as we needed for a pretty fair price.

March 24th 2020

My wife and I had been talking about it and she realized too that a RESIDENT DOCTOR had begged her on social media around the same time for ANY type of protective gear as they were running out. This sent me into ANOTHER tailspin frenzy as I was like HOLY crap if our nurses don't get protection and protection fast our nurses are going to get sick and the hospitals could fail.

March 25th 2020

We went crazy and started posting on our social medias that the hospitals were essentially on fire as more and more started contacting us needing supplies. I thought to myself the only way we can fix this problem is we gotta go grass roots with this and fast so that we can get these nurses the protective gear they need ASAP.

March 27th 2020

We get our first initial order of masks in. At this point it was 100% operation save the nurses! Right away we got out first 2800 masks and split the order up and took them to main two hospitals screaming fire. UMC and Sunrise Hospitals.

Word quickly made it all the way to the ears of Senator Pat Spearman of Nevada what we were doing. She quickly put us in touch with the largest Service Employees International Union to get an order of 14000 masks to in home healthcare workers to protect out Elderly and shut ins. A few days later they ordered another 20000 for Denver.


I told my best friend from freshman year of high school we need to get a website up ASAP so that we could start getting grass roots protective gear to every hospital, nurse, man, women and child possible. So here you are. You have heard OUR story. Are you ready to JOIN OUR CAUSE?!